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  • Take action on Climate Change with Elders Climate Action.


    Volunteers make Elders Climate Action possible!

    There are many ways you can contribute to Elders Climate Action based on your skills, availability and interests.

    ECA Key Volunteers

    • Work with others in your area to organize an ECA Chapter. ECA Chapters will work to advance ECA’s national agenda by building relationships with members of Congress, organizing or participating in public events to build support, conducting letter writing efforts, etc.  ECA Chapters may also undertake local or state campaigns to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as pushing for local or state legislation, conducting divestment campaigns aimed at public or private institutions, etc.  (We’ll have monthly conference calls to share ideas, discuss strategy, etc.).

    • Serve on one of ECA’s Planning Committees. (We’ll call you and discuss our Committees and see where you’d like to plug in).

    • Be an ECA Ambassador: Look for opportunities throughout the year to recruit new members at meetings or events; talk to groups in your area about becoming ECA partners; collect signatures on ECA petitions; make ECA presentations; etc. (We’ll have monthly calls for ECA Ambassadors to provide you with up to date information, answer questions, get your ideas).

    • Serve as ECA Liaison to a Member of Congress from your area or state. Periodically you’ll be asked to request a meeting with your assigned Member of Congress or a staff member to share information about ECA’s legislative agenda.  Or make a phone call to the Congressional office to remind them of our interest, build the relationship, etc. (We’ll have regular calls for Congressional Liaisons to keep you current).

    • Offer to utilize a special skill of yours to improve ECA’s effectiveness at advocating for our grandchildren and future generations.  Are you a bookkeeper, website developer, writer, public speaker, media expert (social or otherwise), fundraiser, attorney, policy expert, photographer or videographer, etc, etc?  We need your skills and talents. Let us know what skill you would like to offer and we will contact you.  

    Have a limited amount of time to give? 

    How about One Hour?  Click here to find some simple things you can do to help forward our mission.

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