Elders Climate Action Day in Washington, D.C. 2017



We are elders, including grandparents, great aunts and great uncles who care about the future for all children. As Elders Climate Action members, we are determined to do all we can to leave a sustainable planet for future generations.

Mission:  The mission of Elders Climate Action is to mobilize elders throughout the United States to address climate change while there is still time to protect the well-being of our grandchildren and future generations.  

We are dedicated to using the power of our caring, our wisdom and our ECAD2017numbers to push for strong energy policies that will reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet. 

Goals:  Our goals are focused on approaches to climate adaptation and mitigation, including: carbon fee and dividend legislation to put a price on carbon emissions while protecting citizens from higher energy costs and divestment from fossil fuel companies. While the Federal EPA Clean Power Plan is being rolled back, we support states in their efforts to go forward with the goals of the plan  including reducing greenhouse emissions from oil and gas refineries, natural gas fields and coal mines.    

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