We’re Headed to DC!  If You Can’t Join Us, Help Us Amplify the Urgent Climate Action Message

Help us amplify our action by supporting the message ECA members will be delivering while in Washington, D.C. July 10 – 12 for Elders Climate Action Day and the Moms Clean Air Force Play-in!



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1. Learn more about the voting history of your Members of Congress on environmental issues, click here.

2.  Make Phone Calls to Members of Congress

See #3 to find phone number for your Senators or Representatives.

Members of Congress don’t seem to hear enough from their constituents that climate change matters. It is up to us to let them know we care and we want action. Calling your Senators and Representative is the first step in building a relationship with your congressional offices and creating the political will needed to solve the climate crisis.

Call Script:  

Hi my name is {insert name} a constituent from {Insert City & State}.  There is no doubt that climate change is real and poses a grave danger to current and future generations of Americans. This week elders, parents and children from across the country are gathering at the Nation’s Capitol to demand immediate action on climate change. As your constituent, I urge your immediate support of legislation that will take action to lower greenhouse gas emission and support the goal of 100% clean energy, across the entire US economy, by 2050.

3. Schedule meetings in August with Members of Congress while they are on recess in your home state

House of Representatives recess is from July 27th to September 8th, Senate recess is August 3rd to September 8th.  

To find local offices:

Go to https://www.senate.gov/ for your senator, go to your Senator’s web page and locate the local office.

Go to https://www.house.gov/ enter your information in the top right corner and go to your Congressperson’s web page and you will find the local offices.

4. Send a Letter to Members of Congress

Add your name, address and personal message to our ready made letter and hit send!  CLICK HERE

5. Get involved or help plan a Climate Strike in your area in September for the week of Climate Action

Connect with Climate Strike, Zero Hour or 350.org to help with the climate strikes. Represent Elders Climate Action at your local event

6.  Post about climate change and Elders Climate Action on your social media pages

See our downloadable social media graphics 

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