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Despite the fact that humanity is facing the greatest threat to the wellbeing of future generations in human history - and the fact that the United States is crucial to any hope for a solution - in the first phase of this year's national campaign season, climate change has barely been mentioned.  

This year, we Americans will be electing a new president, a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives.  If we are to hope to make significant progress after the election, we must do everything we can to raise the issue of climate change in the election campaign.  That responsibility falls especially to elders, who throughout human history are the people who have had a long view and commitment to future generations. Just as Iroquois elders called for attention to the seventh generation, so must elders today speak out on behalf of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Future generations are depending on all of us!  


Guiding Principle for the ECA Congressional Climate Project

This campaign is a part of Elders Climate Action's long term commitment to achieving national policies that will reverse the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere in time to preserve a livable planet for the grandchildren and all life.  Therefore a critical goal for us is to create relationships of respect and appreciation with all members of Congress so we can work effectively with them after the election.  We do not endorse candidates, nor express preferences for candidates.  We simply urge ALL candidates to commit to action on climate change.