Climate Related Videos

Here are a few of our favorite Climate Related Videos from our partners, friends and allies in climate action.


Pure Inspiration

Hieroglyphic Stairway,  A poem by Drew Dellinger

Drew Dellinger speaks so powerfully to that question regarding the dominant issue of our times, the question that each of us want to be able to answer in a way we can feel good about:  “What did I do, once I knew?”


Do it Now!  Bella Ciao.  Sing For the Climate

Our anthem for action!  Sing this song at your next event and practice for our next Elders Climate Action Day Flash Mob!

Click here for Do it Now! Bella Ciao Music and Lyrics only version on Youtube


Why We’re Here

Young People from High Meadows Fellows at Climate Central –Why We’re Here, short video

Their Future: Earth Hour 2016

20 Good News – You Didn’t Know

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

by Prince Ea

Kids React to Climate Change

Kids React to Prince EA’s “Dear Future Generations: Sorry”, and their reactions are amazing.

Elegy for the Arctic

Ludovico Einaudi supporting the Greenpeace Save the Arctic campaign a short video.


Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music.


Nature is Speaking, from Conservation International, narrated by Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice.


A Love Letter from #EarthToParis

A wonderful this love letter about taking climate action narrated by Morgan Freeman

Watershed from Sean Patrick Butler on Vimeo.

Eric Ivey and Sean Patrick Butler created this beautiful and inspiring video about awakening to our role as stewards of the natural world. In it, they focus on the growing movement to ascribe legal rights to nature as a way of protecting our environment.

Tell Ford to Put Clean Cars in the Fast Lane

From our Friends at the Sierra Club:  The clean car standards are our single biggest defense against climate pollution but Ford and Donald Trump want to rollback these vital standards. Tell Ford to put the clean car standards in the fast lane at

Climate Related Interviews

Textbook Trauma: The Emotions of Climate Change

From our Friends at Yale Climate Connections: Scientists Sara Myhre and Jeffrey Kiehl discuss the emotional impacts of climate change.

Red, Green and Blue by Anna Sagatov

The short film “Red, Green, and Blue,” created by a Montana State University student, features conservatives in the Montana countryside, a story about the viewpoints of three conservatives and their views on environmentalism. It features Patrick Hackley, a Montana rancher; Chas Vincent, Republican State Senator representing District 1 in Montana’s state legislature; and Alex Bozmoski, Managing Director of


Citizens’ Climate University: Carbon Tax Economic Modeling

Join CCL Research Coordinator Jerry Hinkle and Columbia University’s Dr. Noah Kaufman in a training that explores the general provisions of recent carbon tax economic and energy models used by Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and Stanford’s Energy Modeling Forum (EMF 32).


How We Talk About Climate Change — Bill Mckibben

The Sanders Institute, Published on Aug 2, 2018.  What are the most effective weapons in the fight against the climate crisis? New energy sources? New technology? Political action? One of the most powerful tools we have is the language we use to talk about the issue.

Interview with Ken Kimmell, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists

Our Friends at Elders for Climate Justice (a project of The ManKind Project/New England) shared a recent interview with Ken Kimmell.


Interview with Loren Blackford and Michael Brune

Our Friends at Elders for Climate Justice (a project of The ManKind Project/New England) shared a recent interview with with the President and Executive Director of the Sierra Club (Loren Blackford and Michael Brune), August 2017



Interview with Bill McKibben from

Our Friends at Elders for Climate Justice (a project of The ManKind Project/New England) shared a recent interview with Bill McKibben from


Impacts of Climate Change


#GwalaRising by Conservation International

Meet the Papua New Guinean community using traditional conservation practices to combat climate change and protect their coral reefs.

David Attenborough on Climate Change: The world will be transformed

Watch this short trailer from David Attenborough’s new full length film on climate change which is scheduled to be released before the World Economic Forum in January 2017.


 What You Can Do About Climate Change

David Roberts: Climate Change is Simple at TedX The Evergreen State College

David Roberts is staff writer at In “Climate Change is Simple” he describes the causes and effects of climate change in blunt, plain terms.


What is Climate Change really?

NASA explains the causes of Climate Change.


Dr. James Hansen tells his story as to why he got involved with Climate Change.

Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future.


What is Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation and how does it work?

From our Partner’s at Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  You can speak up for climate change solutions that bridge the partisan divide like Carbon Fee and Dividend, which gives all revenue back to households. Narrated by Ian Somerhalder.


Climate Change Impact: NASA’s 21st Century Predictions

According to models, temps and precip. will change dramatically over the next 87 years, with amounts varying per location. Worldwide land area temperatures are predicted to increase, along with areas of heavier and decreased precipitation.



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