Core Principles and Policies

As  Elders Climate Action members, we will use our energy and influence to protect future generations from the consequences of climate change. We will work with federal, state and local governments, private institutions and businesses to enact strong energy and environmental policies. Climate change can be addressed simultaneously by many diverse strategies, each of which can substantively decrease the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases. 


Download a PDF of the ECA Core Principles & Policies


We advocate for policies that will:


Discourage and eventually halt any further extraction of fossil fuels from the Earth
Reduce present emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.
Seek and encourage means to draw down carbon from the atmosphere into carbon sinks.
Promote forms of clean energy, including new and emerging technologies.
Build relationships and collaborations with like-minded groups to promote our goals.


ECA Current Priorities

  • Support of Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation.
  • Support of effective cap and trade policies.
  • Encouragement of our elected representatives in Congress to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.
  • Full implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP). 
  • Support of regulations to significantly reduce methane emissions.  
  • Reduction of US carbon emissions that exceed the goals set in the Paris COP 21 climate agreement.  While the current Administration has rejected the Paris accords, we actively support local community, city and state actions aimed at achieving the COP 21 goals.
  • Support of all forms of carbon sequestration through natural biologic processes.


 ECA actively supports the following actions by our members, chapters and partners:

Divestment of fossil fuel stocks from portfolios held by private institutions and pension funds. Opposition to further extraction of fossil fuels from the ground by adopting policies to:

  • Ban offshore drilling for fossil fuels.
  • Phase out hydraulic fracturing as a method of mining fossil fuels.
  • End government subsidies of fossil fuels.
  • Oppose the use in fossil fuel cases of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), which has been increasingly used by corporations to bully governments to protect their profit rates.
  • Oppose construction of additional pipelines carrying fossil fuels through the U.S.
  • Remove special interest money from US political campaigns as it pertains to fossil fuels.

Support of environmental justice for low-income and minority communities who may suffer more from the impacts of pollution of their air, ground and water as a result of extracting and/or burning fossil fuels.

Support of certain lawsuits such as Our Children’s Trust, a lawsuit against the federal government for violating the younger generations’ constitutional rights through its ill-advised actions in causing climate change.


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