This June, a contingent of Elders Climate Action members traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Citizens' Climate Lobby annual conference, which included a day of lobbying as Elders followed by a day of planning for the 2017 Elders Climate Action event.  Although most members had been meeting and communicating by email and conference calls it was a wonderful experience to finally meet in person. Some of the ECA members who travelled to DC included, Bob Warner, Noel Marshall, Chris Kane and Geri Freedman from Florida; Leslie Wharton, Harriet Crosby, Christiane Graham from Maryland; Larry Underwood, Sally Gibbs, and David Mog from Virginia; Lynn Raskin from D.C .; and Paul Severance from Indiana.
 The group spent two days at the CCL conference learning, planning and bonding as well as generating more energy and enthusiasm to continue our work.  On Tuesday, six ECA members met on the Hill to meet with legislative staff and deliver materials to Members of Congress. After that exhilarating experience members spent a day together planning for the next Elders Climate Action event to be held in 2017. ECA members were also joined by Julie Hantman from our partner Moms Clean Air Force.   There was enthusiasm and incredible ideas and the beginning of a fabulous team to plan for the next big event. 




It has been a busy few months for Elders Climate Action.  From the Citizens' Climate Lobby Conference, to Lobbying in Washington, from planning another Climate Action Day event in 2017 to participating in Moms Clean Air Force Play In in Washington D.C. and marching for Clean Energy in Philadelphia.  We elders have shown we have the energy, passion and wisdom to make a difference and we WILL make our voices heard. 


News from the Massachusetts Chapter


Mass_Chapter.jpgThe Early Story of the Mass. Chapter of ECA

Grady McGonagill, May 2016

I’m a person who doesn’t usually make decisions quickly. But when I got a call from Paul Severance inviting me to join him and other members of something called “Elders Climate Action” for an event calling itself “Grandparents’ Climate Action Day” (GCAD) last September, I signed up on the spot. Something about using elderhood as an organizing frame for building a mass movement to generate the political will to address climate change struck a resonant chord with me. I was familiar with Congressional “lobby days” from having been twice to Washington, D.C. to advocate a “Carbon Fee and Dividend” on behalf of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. But who knew there was such a thing as “Grandparents’ Day”?  I decided to go, and recruited the head of the Boston CCL chapter, Rabbi Judy Weiss, to go with me. Together we were able to meet one of our Senators, Elizabeth Warren.  Speaking of her grandchildren brought tears to the feisty Senator’s eyes.  Read More

Grandparents Climate Action Day 2015


What a success! The first Grandparents Climate Action Day, September 9&10, 2015, was a huge success with over 100 elders coming together in Washington, DC to show congressmen and political leaders what an important issue climate change is. In case you missed the action, get the full recap by watching the Webcast which features highlights from the two day gathering, keynote speakers, and scenes from the flash mob! Watch the webcast now.

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Grandparents Climate Action Day - KEYNOTE SPEAKERS 2015


Dr. James Hansen 


Former Head of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Director of the Program on Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions at Columbia University Earth Institute


  Lynne Twist


Founder of the Soul of Money Institute, Co-Founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Coach Consultant, Author and Humanitarian




Elders in Action - Washington DC!




 ECA Elders in Action - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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