Elders Climate Action Day 2017

We Came, We learned, We Got Inspired,ecaday_logo2.jpg and We Took ACTION!!!


22 Groups of Elders from Elders Climate Action visited the offices of all 535 Members of Congress to deliver our Climate Change Pledge.  We collected over 700 business cards from congressional employees, had a number of face to face meetings with congresspeople as well as legislative aides, and we spread the message that climate change is important to ALL GENERATIONS!  Thank you to all of the elders who hit the pavement in D.C. to hold our administration accountable.


Thank You to the Members of Congress Who Have Signed Our Pledge for the Climate:

Representative John Conyers, Michigan

Representative Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Florida  

Representative Ro Khanna, California

Representative Matt Cartwright, Pennsylvania




Contact Your Members of Congress and encourage them to take action on the climate through legislation and sign the Climate Pledge!   Download the Climate Pledge and send it with a personal note TODAY!


  Elders Visiting the Capitol


Leslie Wharton, ECA Member Interviewed on Democracy Now!



Elders Climate Action Flash Mob at the People's Climate March, April 29, 2017