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Ann Arbor, Michigan Chapter


The Ann Arbor Area chapter was approved early in 2017. We mix both activist and educational activities with opportunities to socialize in order to build a strong community. Our primary focus is local issues, working in conjunction with partner climate organizations to avoid reinventing the wheel.


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Arizona Chapter


One of ECA’s most recent chapters of 2017, the Arizona Chapter focuses on climate issues important to desert regions.  Rising temperatures, ongoing drought, water crisis, and alternative energy are priorities of the AZ Chapter.



Leadership Contact:  Hazel Chandler,





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NorCal (Northern California) Chapter


The Elders Climate Action Northern California chapter formed in Spring 2017. As concerned elders, we are dedicated to taking action on the local, regional and state level to address the threat of climate change. We are working to build local action groups, provide outreach and information about ECA, partner with other organizations, and raise our voices on statewide issues. We welcome new members as we build a powerful movement of elder climate activists. The geographic area of our chapter is Fresno to the Oregon border, including the San Francisco Bay Area. Members are encouraged to join the monthly chapter calls



Leadership Team:  Katherine Da Silva Jain, Shirley McGrath, Marilyn Price, John Sorensen, Sheila Tarbet





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Maryland Chapter

maryland chapter


Since May 2017, a group of elders have met five times, have submitted an application to become an ECA chapter, are working to oppose the construction of a natural gas pipeline across the Potomac River, and are exploring ways to work with ECA partners on a variety of local, state and national initiatives to address climate change.




Leadership Contact: Leslie Wharton, Chapter Leader,


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Massachusetts Chapter (ECA’s First Chapter)


Massachusetts Chapter is a local climate action team formed in early 2016 with statewide membership. We build alliances with other environmental groups, have worked on State energy legislation, provide presentations to groups of elders, engage with members and participate in local climate action efforts.



Leadership Contact: Grady McGonagill, Chapter Co-Leader,




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