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144642962-grandfather-with-his-grandchildren-gettyimages.jpgElders Working To Preserve A Livable Planet For Future Generations


Elders have been leaders throughout human history in focusing attention on the needs of future generations. Today, the voice of the elders is needed more than ever.

Now that we know that the ability of life to thrive on this planet Earth is truly at stake, we all must answer the question raised by poet Drew Dellinger as the voice of his great great grandchildren asking:  "What did you do, once you knew?"

In our first year, 2015, ECA grew to over 1,500 members and organized the first Grandparents Climate Action Day in Washington, DC.

Our goals for 2016 are: (1) Mobilize thousands of elders to press for a shift to clean energy through passing Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation and full implementation of regulations to slash CO2 and methane emissions; and (2) Create Chapters around the country to work for greenhouse gas reductions at the state and local levels. 

Elders Climate Action offers a number of ways you can make a difference on the defining issue of our time: 

  1. Join ECA Take the pledge for restoring a livable future and stay connected with Elders Climate Action.
  2. Facebook Like us and share us on Facebook. 
  3. Volunteer Organize a Chapter of ECA in your city, county, congressional district or state; Join a committee; become an ECA Ambassador; Serve as an ECA Liaison to a Member of Congress in your area or state; Offer to utilize a special skill of yours to improve ECA’s effectiveness at advocating for our grandchildren and future generations.
  4. One Hour for the Climate Suggestions for a few short and easy actions you can take now!
  5. Partner with ECA We are looking for environmental, civic, labor, and faith-based organizations to be our partners in climate action.
  6. Tell Everyone about you support of ECA and encourage them to join and participate in our climate future!
  7. Donate Your support increases our ability to protect the future for our grandchildren.
  8. Download our Flyer and encourage others to take the pledge!




    Take Action & Make Change TODAY!