Our Goals

National Policy Goals 


Priority National Policy Goals of Elders Climate Action (Active leadership)


• Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation - Legislation to enact a steadily rising fee on carbon fuels at the point of extraction or entry into the U.S; with the proceeds fully refunded to citizens.

• Full implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to regulate and reduce carbon emissions from all U.S. power plants.

• Effective regulation of methane emissions from all sources in the U.S. 


National Policy Goals That Elders Climate Action Supports


• Divestment of fossil fuel stocks by public and private institutions

• Keep fossil fuels in the ground

• End fossil fuel extraction on public lands

• Ban off-shore drilling for fossil fuels

• Phase out hydraulic fracturing as a method of mining fossil fuels.

• Environmental Justice: Protect vulnerable low-income and minority communities from the devastating impacts of pollution of their air, ground, and water.

• Remove special interest money from U.S. political campaigns.

• Oppose construction of additional pipelines carrying fuels through the U.S.

Adopted by the Elders Climate Action Steering Committee, 4.20.16

Elders Climate Action supports the following pathways toward reversing climate change and restoring a livable climate for future generations:

The Carbon Fee & Dividend Proposal: through this legislation, an escalating price will be placed on carbon emissions and the collected revenue will be distributed to American families to offset the increased cost to consumers.  Price to burn carbon will soon be more expensive than using renewable energy sources. Elders Climate Action selected this proposed legislation because based on independent research by REMI (Regional Economic Models, Inc.), there is no economic argument against Fee and Dividend. It creates jobs, grows the economy, saves lives, and makes Americans richer. It does this while also reducing CO2 emissions to 31% below 1990 levels by 2025, and to 50% below 1990 levels by 2035. F&D therefore sets the new standard for climate and economic policy.

The EPA's Clean Power Plan: full implementation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the single largest source - coal fired power plants.  Elders Climate Action is in support of this agenda item because along with fee and dividend legislation we need to regulate how much greenhouse gas is emitted into the atmosphere.  The two together create a complete package to ensure a healthy climate for future generations.

Divestment: People and organizations are encouraged to divest from fossil fuel burning companies to demonstrate the will of the people that companies shift to using renewable energy sources.  This movement reinforces our other agenda items in that it sends a powerful message using a financial incentive for energy producers to shift to renewable energy sources.

You can support ECA by writing letters to your Congressional Representatives and Senators letting them know that you request their support of these policies, and by divesting from fossil fuel investments in your own portfolio.