We’re getting organized as we prepare for the Week of Climate Action

September 20 – 27

We are calling on YOU to help amplify the Elder voice as we join with the youth and many other climate organizations across the globe between September 20 – 27!

We have created a list of actions you can do each day of the Week of Climate Action.  We realize that you may not be able to do every action, every day but we encourage you to what you can for climate action this week!  We hope you will find ways to take actions that you are able to do given your location and level of ability.

We encourage all of you to act on climate regularly, but this week let’s really ramp up our efforts!

Watch Greta’s call to action here:

Opportunities for actions you can do each day during the Week of Climate Action.

September 20: Global Climate Strike Friday

  1. Learn more and sign up for the Global Climate Strike
  2. Escort your grandchild or neighborhood children during the strike. Help organize or attend a rally in your area. Talk with your grandchild’s school or neighborhood school to help support and organize a safe school strike for kids to attend.
  3. Bring an ECA sign or banner and wear an ECA T-shirt to the Climate Strike
  4. Reach out to youth climate organizations in your community and offer your support and mentoring.  See our list of Partners.
  5. Encourage your synagogue or mosque to address climate change in the worship service or congregational messages.

September 21: Connect on Climate Saturday

  1. (California) Elders Taking Action on the Climate Crisis Event, Saturday, Sept. 21, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, South Berkeley Senior Center, Berkeley, CA.
  2. (Arizona) Faces of Climate Action Town Hall Meeting, Tucson AZ, Saturday, Sept. 21 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  3. Host a Letter writing party to contact businesses and corporations, urging 100% Clean Energy by 2050 — See ECA Letter Templates
  4. Read climate stories to kids or gift climate books to kids at local libraries and/or schools. See a list of climate related resources for kids here. 
  5. Take a child to a park or into nature to enjoy and learn about the natural world
  6. Sign up for the Elders Promote the Vote Training Call on September 24 (12:30 PM ET) and learn how you can help mobilize voters.

September 22: Celebrate Action Sunday

  1. Encourage your place of worship to address climate change in the services or congregational messages.
  2. Learn more about Religious Statements on Climate Change from our friends at Interfaith Power & Light
  3. Host a game of Climate Bingo in your neighborhood. It’s a great conversation starter!
  4. Work in the garden, build your soil. Spend time connecting with nature. Plant a tree with your grandchild or neighborhood kids
  5. Learn more about what you can do to combat climate change.
  6. Sign up to join the ECA 101 for New Members online call September 25 (5:00 PM ET).

September 23: Meatless Monday

  1. Watch the short film ‘One Day a Week’ from the McCartney Foundation, highlighting the environmental impact of animal agriculture and encouraging people to eat less meat. Includes appearances by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. Watch Now.
  2. Commit to cooking meatless one day a week (or for the full week of climate action).  
  3. Host a Meatless Monday dinner for family or friends, get recipes and ideas here.  
  4. Donate the money you would have spent on meat to ECA so we can build a “meatier” movement of elders in action.
  5. RSVP for the ECA National Call on Tuesday

September 24: Let’s Talk Tuesday

  1. Call your Congressional Rep and Senators using The ECA 100% Clean Energy call script
  2. Join the Elders Promote the Vote Training Call  at 12:30 PM (ET), 9:30 AM (PT) and learn how you can help mobilize voters.
  3. Join the ECA National Call — 7:00 PM (ET) | 4:00 PM (PT) with Special Guest Bob Yuhnke discussing the climate impacts & solutions in the Transportation Sector.  Invite your friends and neighbors to join you on the National Call.  Host a watch party in your living room.
  4. Deliver the ECA National call Outreach Flyer to Retirement Communities or bulletin boards in your area.
  5. Send a letter to the Editor to your local media about the Week of Climate Action or 100% Clean Energy by 2050. Mention that you are a writing as a member of ECA.
  6. Sign up for the October 2019 Drawdown Challenge from our friends at Project Drawdown, Start an ECA or elder Drawdown Challenge team in your area.

September 25: Change Your Ways Wednesday

  1. Dump the pump today, don’t go to the gas station. Spend a day without your car — walk, bike or use public transportation
  2. Send letters to auto dealers and manufacturers asking for affordable cleaner cars.
  3. Join the ECA 101 for New Members online call today at 5:00 PM (ET) | 2:00 PM (PT).
  4. Make a commitment to reducing your personal waste by composting and reducing single use products.  Check out ideas here.
  5. Offset your carbon emissions from travel. Learn more in this recent New York Times Article 
  6. Help us get “over the hump” by telling friends and family about ECA.  Find us on social media!

September 26: Tell the World Thursday!

  1. Create a short video (on your phone, computer or tablet) about why climate action matters to you and upload it here and on your social media platforms.
  2. Send a letter to your State & Local Representatives encouraging a climate action plan to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050.
  3. Research climate action groups in your community and plan to attend a future meeting.  See the ECA Partners List.
  4. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Elders Promote the Vote Project, a partnership between Elders Climate Action and the Environmental Voter Project & help build consistent voters.  It’s easy to text voters!
  5. Have a little extra to give?  Give a donation today and help ECA continue to build a movement of elders taking action on climate change.  Then tell your friends you made a contribution and encourage them to do the same!  Our voice matters.

September 27: Act with Friends Friday!

  1. Attend an additional Global Climate Strike, School Strike Friday, check local listings for additional events in your area.
  2. Write a “letter to your loved one in 2050” and upload it on the ECA website. Write a letter to your loved one that will be archived as part of the DearTomorrow Project. Host a letter writing party with friends or family. Learn more.
  3. Have friends over and host a climate movie and conversation. See suggestions on our webpage.
  4. Set an intention for ways you will continue to take action, both personally and in the world, complete the ipledge and post a picture on social media. Be sure to tag us at @eldersclimate #eldersclimateaction #elderstakeaction
  5. Contact ECA if you’d like to find out about volunteering on our national leadership team or starting a chapter where you live.
  6. Continue to elevate and amplify the urgent message for climate action. Stay tuned to your email inbox or ECA website for future action opportunities.

Report back to ECA about what you have done this week!  

Fill out the ECA Member Action Report and tell us how you took action! 

Find more events on the Global Goals Calendar for United Nations Activities during the Week of Climate Action

A Special Thank you to Our Kids Climate for their generous support for new ECA banners for our September events.







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