Elders Climate Action is building a non-partisan movement of elders committed to making our voices heard.
We are determined to change our nation’s policies while there is still time to avoid catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate.
Because of this concern and because we vote consistently, elders are in a unique position to influence national policy.
We are committed to using our voices, our votes, and our collective power to push for policies and practices that will
reduce greenhouse gases to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

WITH GRIEF AND RAGE, ELDERS CLIMATE ACTION BEARS WITNESS TO THE SYSTEMIC RACISM ON DISPLAY IN THE DEATHS OF GEORGE FLOYD, BREONNA TAYLOR, AHMAUD ARBERY AND SO MANY BEFORE THEM. WE DENOUNCE THE BRUTALITY OF MILITARIZED POLICING AND CALL FOR STRONG COMMUNITY OVERSIGHT OF THOSE WHOSE DUTY IT IS TO PROTECT US. One of the primary motivations for addressing the climate crisis is the extent to which it contributes to racial and economic injustice, with roots in colonialism and oppression. The extraction economy has always viewed indigenous lands as assets to plunder and minority communities as suitable sites for waste and destruction, sacrificing black, brown and indigenous lives and all opportunities to prosper. This system is crushing our democracy. It is up to us to end this. Elders Climate Action commits to an anti-racist agenda, rooted in justice and equity. We recognize that the climate fight involves choices about whom to include, whom to protect. We will examine our work through a lens of justice to assure that we recognize and free ourselves of racist and exclusionary practices and indifference. We pledge to defend Black lives, to protect the oppressed and those whose voices are not heard. We will continue to demand love, truth, a habitable planet, and fundamental human rights for all. We will not stop until change fully comes.

ECA Coronavirus Message To Our Members — We urge all of the ECA community to follow the CDC’s recommendation for social distancing for their personal and community safety. Click here to read the full statement to our members.

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Get Inspired

Get Inspired by the members of Elders Climate Action who are taking action on climate change.  We are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, just like you, hoping to make a difference on climate action.

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Get Informed

Get Informed.  Learn more about Elders Climate Action’s core policies and principles, access the ECA Action Tool Kit, watch webinars and videos, find climate related links, and explore what you can do with your grandchildren!


Get Engaged

Get Engaged!  Take Action with ECA. Learn more about ECA Chapters, find events, join our actions, national calls and more. ECA is a great way to build connections in your area and make new friends.  

US ShoeStrike July 2020

Join the Global Shoe Strike for Climate

The ShoeStrike, or SkoStrejk began in Sweden earlier this year, and has now spread across the globe. ShoeStrikes provide a safe way to protest during the pandemic and will continue on the last Saturday of each month across the globe through 2020. ECA endorses the ShoeStrikes and we encourage our chapters and members to participate. Contribute your shoes and signs to a local event or create your own ShoeStrike on a street corner, in your neighborhood park, or in front of your home.  Learn more about the ShoeStrikes here

Show Your Support for Climate Action with an ECA T-Shirt

We are so proud to roll out ECA’s new T-Shirt design for 2020!  It affirms that our commitment to climate action is inextricable from our commitment to justice – justice for every child and grandchild around the planet. A variety of designs and styles of ECA T-shirts are available at the ECA Store Bonfire,com

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Take Action with ECA Today

Access Easy Tools to Help You Engage in Climate Action Today!

Elders Declare a Climate Emergency

Join the Elders Declare a Climate Emergency and help your community declare a climate emergency and help achieve a climate action plan. Learn more

Elders Promote the Vote

Join the Elders Promote the Vote project and help mobilize   inactive environmentalists and turn them into consistent activists and voters. Learn more

Elders Stand for Fair Elections

Send the Elders Action Network letter to ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to cast a vote in the November 2020 general election safely, easily, and with confidence that their vote is duly counted.

Send a Letter, Demand Action

Choose from a number of custom letter templates to Federal and State Representatives, add your personal message and contact info and send.  It’s so easy! Learn more

Join Monthly Online Calls

Join our monthly National Call, Climate Tea & Talk and ECA 101 for New Member occurring monthly.  Learn more here or see upcoming events here

ECA Webinar Series

Catch up on the ECA Webinar Series.  Get inspired by our special guest speakers and learn the latest in climate action. Watch here

ECA Action Tool Kit

Find videos, webinars, materials and more! Explore the ECA tools and resources we’ve created to help you represent ECA in your community. Take action on climate change on a local, state and national level – from your home, or out in your community. Explore the Action Tool Kit

Donate to ECA

The time for climate action is now. Make a gift to ECA in honor of your grandchild or someone special and let them know you care.  Send an email or printed card to tell them you are committed to taking action on climate change. Donate Now

ECA Events

August 11
August Elders Climate Tea & Talk
  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Featured
  • Zoom

Additional Collaborative Actions

Sign the Petition to AARP

Join us by signing the petition calling on AARP to join the conversation about Climate Action. Add your name and demand AARP’s action!

Write a Letter to a Loved One

Take a moment and write a letter to your loved one, grandchildren or great grandchildren and let them know what you did when you realized the significance of climate change. Learn more

Stop the Money Pipeline

In support of Stop the Money Pipeline — We demand that banks, asset managers, insurance companies and institutional investors stop funding, insuring and investing in climate destruction. Send a letter today!



Elders Climate Action Newsletter

Read the current or previous editions of our Elders Climate Action newsletter.  Our newsletter is produced by a committee of dedicated volunteers committed to bringing you highlights of Elders Climate Action members and chapters as well as up to date climate information.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please email us at

We’ll get back to you asap!

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