Elders Climate Action Presentations


Here is the Elders Climate Action standard presentation.  This presentation can vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the information you choose to elaborate on.



How To Use the ECA Presentation

GOOGLE SLIDES  Best Method – Recommended for full functionality

* Requires Internet Connection

  • This give must function, with embedded videos (play within presentation), and slide animations.
  • You can skip videos if you do not have time to show.

Google Slides ECA Presentation

PDF or POWERPOINT (Less Functionality, **Internet Connection required for videos)

  • You can download and save PDF or Powerpoint to your computer (from SLIDES select FILE – Download as) but there are a few differences in the functionality from SLIDES.
    • Videos will open in YouTube (and require internet — this will leave the Presentation and open a browser window to play video)
    • Animations may not function correctly
    • Links are still active (requires internet)

eca event powerpoint with policies final

eca event powerpoint final

eca event powerpoint final PDF

Info about Presentation:

  • You must click or use forward arrow on keyboard to advance slides.
  • There are 3 embedded videos (Slides 8, 19, 21 – they look like a large picture) — they will play directly from GOOGLE SLIDES presentation — to skip videos, use the advance arrow or forward arrow on keyboard.
    • click inside the video window to play
    • Click outside the video (on background image) to advance to next slide
    • SLIDE 21 is a slideshow — it is perfect to play during q&a (turn down volume) or at the end of presentation.
  • Slides 9 & 10 include additional video links, you may or may not choose to use. These videos are not embedded, they will open in Youtube & Vimeo by opening a new browser window.
  • Click EXIT on grey bar or select ESC to end presentation
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