Join ECA at the Poor People’s Campaign March in Washington, D.C.


ELDERS STANDING for the Poor People’s Campaign

JOIN Elders Climate Action & Conscious Elders Network – as we come together to support the POOR PEOPLE’s CAMPAIGN – organizing other elders, along with thousands of other concerned, caring citizens

This campaign is a continuation of the work of the Rev Martin Luther King who 50 years ago called for a Poor People’s Campaign and a “revolution of values” in America, inviting people to stand together against the “triplets of evil” — militarism, racism, and economic injustice — to insist that people need not die from poverty in the richest nation to ever exist.  Fifty years later, by many measures, these problems are worse today than they were five decades ago.

June 23rd in Washington, D.C.

As Elders we know that we can do much better.  We can use the benefits of our time, talent, experience and know-how; and, serve as Elders Standing for the rights, dignity and welfare of all Americans.

RSVP here to receive more information about the march in D.C. and to receive meet up location information for the day of the march.

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