It’s Almost 2019 and We’re Preparing!

Let’s Show We Care Before It Is Too Late for Future Generations.


It’s nearing the end of the year and we are preparing for the year ahead. In order to achieve the climate action needed, on the tight timeline presented in the recent UN report, it will take all of us.  We hope you will consider making a year end contribution to support Elders Climate Action, which will allow us to continue to build resources and opportunities for elders to get inspired, informed and engaged in supporting climate action on the local, state and national level in 2019.

Did you know that Elders (those 55+ and over) are the least likely population to care about and take action on climate change?  Yet, elders are one of the most affected demographics of climate change.   We are here to prove the data wrong and prove that Elders CARE about CLIMATE CHANGE!

Will you join us and take a stand on the climate crisis?  We are dedicated to proving that elders care and that we are mobilizing to unify our voice, our vote and our choices to support climate action.

Building the political will towards climate action has been left to the people.  As the largest voting bloc in the United States we elders have the power to change the future for our grandchildren, future generations and all life.


Help us Reach our Goal of $5000 to Jump Start ECA in 2019. Give now and support alegacy of change

Consider a monthly gift and help support ECA’s efforts to build a movement of elders taking action on climate change.


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