NorCal Chapter Elders – We work for them…


We are motivated California Elders solving climate change through connection, communication and action. We are fiercely proud that our state is a world leader in climate policy, legislation, clean business and environmental justice. We recognize that we must actively work not only for the future of children and grandchildren but also with them – how about you?


In ECA NorCal, we work to enable Elders to engage our diverse communities locally, regionally, state and country-wide as well as globally, to advocate for new laws and solutions to climate concerns that help create a healthy and beautiful environment, equitable for all. 


We work across our geographic borders to help grow ECA chapters including Washington, Oregon and Southern California, as well as establishing ECA’s first chapter subgroups – Sierra Foothills and Santa Cruz County. We appreciate vital members from the Oregon border throughout Northern California, with concentrations in the Bay Area and Sacramento, and including many additional NorCal communities North of Fresno.


Would you and/or your friends and family be interested in joining our efforts? We’d love to include your climate passion and energy! Please click HERE to begin receiving our range of newsletter communications and invitations to our monthly members Zoom session.


If you’d like to first meet us at our next monthly members Zoom session, please send a note to and we’ll send you an invite to our next monthly session! They are fun, invigorating and full of good ideas to live into the Elder role serving the future.



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