What is missing that could break the gridlock on Climate Change?
The unified voice of the Elders!


We are a campaign, a movement of elders committed to making our voices heard...to change our nation’s energy policies while there is still time to avoid catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate.

If you are concerned about the legacy you are leaving behind for future generations, then YOU are an elder. 

Because of this concern and because we are the largest voting bloc, we elders are in an unique position to influence national policy and can use that power to push for new energy policies that will reduce greenhouse gases to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

Elders Climate Action is calling on elders to take the pledge and stand together behind our common commitment to restoring a livable climate for future generations.  Through this unified voice we can create the political will necessary to break through the gridlock.



Despite the fact that humanity is facing the greatest threat to the wellbeing of future generations in human history - and the fact that the United States is crucial to any hope for a solution - in the first phase of this year's national campaign season, climate change has barely been mentioned.  

This year, we Americans will be electing a new president, a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives.  If we are to hope to make significant progress after the election, we must do everything we can to raise the issue of climate change in the election campaign.  That responsibility falls especially to elders, who throughout human history are the people who have had a long view and commitment to future generations. Just as Iroquois elders called for attention to the seventh generation, so must elders today speak out on behalf of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

To accomplish that, we need elders in as many Congressional districts as possible to participate.

Here's how you can participate in this project:

  • Join with one or two other concerned elders in your area to ask your candidates for Congress to complete our ECA candidates' questionnaire on climate change.
  • Find ways to encourage candidates to complete the questionnaire.
  • Let people in your community know about the ECA Candidates Climate Project and the candidates' responses.
  • There are also other ways you can help ECA make a difference on climate change


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Future generations are depending on all of us!  


Guiding Principle for the ECA Congressional Climate Project

This campaign is a part of Elders Climate Action's long term commitment to achieving national policies that will reverse the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere in time to preserve a livable planet for the grandchildren and all life.  Therefore a critical goal for us is to create relationships of respect and appreciation with all members of Congress so we can work effectively with them after the election.  We do not endorse candidates, nor express preferences for candidates.  We simply urge ALL candidates to commit to action on climate change.

Elders Joining March for a Clean Energy Revolution: Philadelphia, PA, July 24th

On the Eve of the Democratic National Convention, elders will march with thousands of others as part of the March for a Clean Energy Revolution for action to prevent climate catastrophe and present these demands to current and future policy makers. 
For detailed information, and to sign up to participate, click HERE.


Grandparents Climate Action Day 2015



The first annual Grandparents Climate Action Day in Washington DC on September 9 & 10th, 2015 was a huge success with over 100 grandparents joining together on behalf of the climate. Get the full recap by watching the Webcast which features highlights from the two day gathering, keynote speakers, and scenes from the flash mob! Watch the webcast now.  Join us and stay connected to learn about future Elders Climate Action Events in 2016!


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Listen to the May 2016 - Member Call

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"I am committed to restoring a livable climate for future generations."

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