Elders Climate Action and DearTomorrrow have partnered together to collect your climate stories for the Letters to Loved Ones in 2050 project.  This is an opportunity to take a moment and write a letter to your loved one, grandchildren or great grandchildren and let them know what you did when you realized the significance of climate change. WE HOPE YOU’LL JOIN THE PROJECT!!!

Prompt:  Think of a young person for whom you care deeply– your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, a future child not yet born or maybe even your future self. Now imagine it is the year 2050. That child is grown up and raising a family of their own. They open their email and find a message from you, written in the year 2020. The message tells them how you grappled with the idea of climate change and how you stepped up, as their responsible and loving parent, grandparent, or friend to leave them a safe and healthy place to raise their own family.
Write a letter today and upload it to DearTomorrow & Elders Climate Action by filing in the form below!   If you choose,  you can include a photograph with your letter during upload process. All Letters to Loved Ones will be shared by DearTomorrow and the Elders Climate Action on our websites, social media sites, and other publicity in order to help open up a national conversation about why we must act now on climate change. The goals of our collaboration are to strengthen elders voices through the sharing of our own stories, inspire others to get more engaged on climate change, and help build our network. DearTomorrow is also working to create a long-term archive to preserve this important period of time for future generations.

DearTomorrow is a digital and archive project where people share letters, photos and videos to their children, family or future self about their promise to take action on climate change. Messages are shared publicly on ECA and DearTomorrow’s websites and through each organization’s social media.  



Print the Letters to Loved Ones Flyer to share this exciting project with others.

Letters to Loved Ones PDF flyer




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