Send a Letter, Demand Climate Action

Encourage State and Federal Elected Officials, Local Businesses and Corporations, and the members of your community to Support Climate Action!

Elected officials often claim that they don’t hear about climate change from their constituents. We hope to change that!  We have created easy to use  email and phone call script templates that allow you to add a personal comment and customize content to send a your climate action message to elected officials. Use our sign-on letters to personalize our templated message and quickly email your elected officials (State and Federal).  You may also use our Shared Google Docs —  Letters to the Editor or Letters to Businesses to cut and paste our message, customize and send letters on your own.

Our first challenge is to encourage elected officials to publicly acknowledge the threat of climate change, second encourage that climate action is part of our daily conversations, and third build the political will for 100% clean energy by 2050.

Your voice and your vote have power.  Let them know that you support legislation and business adaptation that takes action on human caused climate change.

We will continually build letters for you to send to elected officials, Letters to the editors of Local Media, and additional letter templates to support your efforts in reaching out within your community.  Check the sidebar for additional letter templates.



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