Elders Climate Action is building a non-partisan movement of elders committed to making our voices heard.
We are determined to change our nation’s policies while there is still time to avoid catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate.
Because of this concern and because we vote consistently, elders are in a unique position to influence national policy.
We are committed to using our voices, our votes, and our collective power to push for policies and practices that will
reduce greenhouse gases to a level consistent with life thriving on our planet.

ECA Coronavirus Message To Our Members — We urge all of the ECA community to follow the CDC’s recommendation for social distancing for their personal and community safety. Click here to read the full statement to our members.

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Join Us for the new ECA Community Conversations

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have created two new weekly opportunities for our greater ECA family to connect and engage with one another to feel a sense of community during this time of social distancing.  Learn More Here


Earth Day Live, April 22 – 24

Earth Day Live is a 72-hour live stream and online mobilization that aims to engage people across the country and the world in collective action to protect their climate and communities. The live stream will include training sessions, performances, and appearances to keep people engaged, informed, and inspired, with speakers including celebrities, politicians, scientists, and youth activists.  Stay tuned for more information.

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Get Inspired

Get Inspired by the members of Elders Climate Action who are taking action on climate change.  We are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, just like you, hoping to make a difference on climate action.

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Get Informed

Get Informed.  Learn more about Elders Climate Action’s core policies and principles, access the ECA Action Tool Kit, watch webinars and videos, find climate related links, and explore what you can do with your grandchildren!


Get Engaged

Get Engaged!  Take Action with ECA. Learn more about ECA Chapters, find events, join our actions, national calls and more. ECA is a great way to build connections in your area and make new friends.  

We’re commemorating 50 years of Earth Day with our new, limited edition, ECA Action T-shirt!

ECA members across the country will be joining the youth for Earth Day Live, 3 days of digital action, April 22-24. This three day event will not only celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, it will mobilize millions of people across the globe in climate action.  Take a photo in your ECA shirt and share it on social media!

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See additional ECA shirt designs at our Bonfire Online Store.

Sign the AARP Petition!

We’re calling on AARP to join the conversation about Climate Action. Add your name and demand AARP’s action!

Sign the Petition

Take Action with ECA Today

Access Easy Tools to Help You Engage in Climate Action Today!

Elders Declare a Climate Emergency

Join the Elders Declare a Climate Emergency and help your community declare a climate emergency and help achieve a climate action plan. Learn more

Elders Promote the Vote

Join the Elders Promote the Vote project and help mobilize   inactive environmentalists and turn them into consistent activists and voters. Learn more

ECA Webinar Series

Catch up on the ECA Webinar Series.  Get inspired by our special guest speakers and learn the latest in climate action. Watch here

Send a Letter, Demand Action

Choose from a number of custom letter templates to Federal and State Representatives, add your personal message and contact info and send.  It’s so easy! Learn more

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Join Monthly Online Calls

Join our monthly National Call, Climate Tea & Talk and ECA 101 for New Member occurring monthly.  Learn more here or see upcoming events here

Letter to Loved Ones

Write a Letter to a Loved One

Take a moment and write a letter to your loved one, grandchildren or great grandchildren and let them know what you did when you realized the significance of climate change. Learn more

ECA Action Tool Kit

Find videos, webinars, materials and more! Explore the ECA tools and resources we’ve created to help you represent ECA in your community. Take action on climate change on a local, state and national level – from your home, or out in your community. Explore the Action Tool Kit

Donate to ECA

The time for climate action is now. Make a gift to ECA in honor of someone special and let them know you care.  Send an email or printed card to tell them you are committed to taking action on climate change. Donate Now

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Community Conversation
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Elders Climate Action Newsletter

Read the current or previous editions of our Elders Climate Action newsletter.  Our newsletter is produced by a committee of dedicated volunteers committed to bringing you highlights of Elders Climate Action members and chapters as well as up to date climate information.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please email us at

We’ll get back to you asap!

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