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Welcome to the home of thousands of elder climate activists, all committed to a non-partisan effort to end the Climate Crisis and build a just and sustainable future for our children, our grandchildren, and all children. Some of us are new to climate activism and some have been working for years, but each of us has faced a personal reckoning and decided that there is no better use of our wisdom and strength, our time and resources, and our anger and good will, than to join in this struggle.  We believe that collective action is the most effective way to force policy changes on the scale and timetable that will be necessary to protect all of us. And we mean all of us, in all our colors, genders, abilities, origins and political persuasions, poor and rich, young and old and, most importantly, our most vulnerable. Climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, structural racism and injustice all are ugly products of a system that values profit and property over life, and we are working  for an equitable reconstruction of all of it. Learn more about ECA’s priorities here and read our justice and anti-racism statement here.


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Join Elders Promote the Vote and help engage inconsistent environmental voters into becoming consistent voters in every election.

The Biden Administration, Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have made significant progress on climate. But this progress is under attack. Sign the petition below to call on Congress to Defend our Climate!

Use the Climate Action Now App on your phone to take daily actions on the climate crisis! Point your camera at the QR code to get started.

Costco has a credit card partnership with one of the dirtiest funders of fossil fuels in the world, Citibank. As Costco members, we’re calling on our favorite brand to bargain with its bank for better climate policies. Together we can ensure big savings for our future. Sign the petition now. 

Join ECA’s Local Action Team and get resources, tech support, networking opportunities, and mentoring to help activists who are organizing in their communities.

Sign the Petition to AARP, asking its leadership to inform its members about the threats they face in the climate crisis and lead them in taking action.

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We are grateful for the generous financial support of the following partners in 2024:

  • U.S. Climate Action Network Catalyzing Grant
  • Climate Action Campaign Partner Engagement Grant
  • To The End Film Partner Support Award
  • Project support for Elders Promote the Vote from the Rosenstein Family

Elders Climate Action is proud to be a semifinalist of EcoAmerica’s American Climate Leadership Awards 2024. Read more about the ACLA24 semifinalists here.


Inspire your loved ones and raise your own spirits with reminders that ECA NEVER STOPS ITS WORK FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE AND A LIVABLE PLANET. Your purchase help us raise the funds we need to stay in the fight for the future, for our children, our grandchildren and all children. Visit our store to find t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors, hats, mugs, tote bags, and more!  All proceeds directly support ECA’s communications, programming and actions.

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ECA member, Roger Luckman, ECA Chair, Leslie Wharton and ECA Director, Jen Chandler join The Way Forward Regenerative Conversations with Dr. John Izzo and Alain Gauthier to discuss Elders Climate Action

Dr. John Izzo and Alain Gauthier dig into Elders Climate Action with some of the ECA leadership team and discuss what brought them to action and how they are mobilizing others to get involved in climate action.

The Beacon: “Elders take action on climate”

The Beacon shares the story of Leslie Wharton, Frances Stewart and Gloria Mog, longtime ECA members and chapter leaders in the DMV area, and discusses the importance of Elder involvement in the climate crisis.

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