There Are Many Ways to Take Action and Engage with ECA

ECA ACTION TOOLKITTell Us What You've Been Doing for the Climate


Sign the Elders Vote for the Climate PLEDGE Today!

Commit to the climate with your voice and your vote.  Find out more. 

Send a letter to your Representatives. We’ve created a variety letter that are simple to send, and you can add a personal message. Send a letter to Federal or State Representatives.

Participate in Letters to Loved Ones in 2050 Project.  

Write a letter to your grandchildren or loved one in the future.  

Think of a young person for whom you care deeply– your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, a future child not yet born or maybe even your future self. Now imagine it is the year 2050. That child is grown up and raising a family of their own. They open their email and find a message from you, written in the year 2017. The message tells them how you grappled with the idea of climate change and how you stepped up, as their responsible and loving parent, grandparent, or friend to leave them a safe and healthy place to raise their own family.

Join our National Call 

Get informed, inspired and engaged on our monthly National Call and hear what fellow climate advocates from across the country are doing.

4th Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM (Eastern) | 4:00 PM (Pacific)

Join our Climate Tea & Talk

Join us for casual conversation amongst elders about climate change issues, solutions and strategies for action in your community.

2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:00 PM (Eastern) | 3:00 PM (Pacific)

Organize a 2-3 member ECA team in your Congressional district or local community and schedule meetings with your Representatives
Join or Start a Local Chapter in your Area 

Represent Elders Climate Action at Local/National Events.

Get Your Action Tool Kit Here.

Share ECA on Social Media

Like, Follow, Post and Share ECA on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn & YouTube  

Learn more about joining an ECA Leadership Team
Contribute a Skill – write grant proposals, graphic design, produce newsletters, research, writing, administration, political advocacy, video production 

Support ECA, Give a Gift Today.  

Make a tax-deductible contribution. Help keep our great work going!

Tell Your Friends and Family, and Help Us GROW!
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