Our Priorities


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Elders Climate Action champions policies and actions that will bring the climate crisis to an end. 

Our Objectives… 

In collaboration with our climate allies, we advocate for federal, state, and local governments, and private institutions and businesses to take the actions needed to:

  • Limit harm to our grandchildren, future generations and all life from the consequences of climate change. 
  • Enact and implement just, equitable, and effective policies, at scale, to stop greenhouse gas emissions and build a sustainable future. 
  • End carbon extraction and emissions and build a green economy while overcoming the systemic injustices wrought by the fossil fuel economy. 
  • Address and reduce the negative health effects of fossil fuels and climate change, which are most damaging to environmental justice communities.

We Are Committed to:

  1. Supporting all just efforts to accelerate the achievement of official US climate goals:
    • Reduce CO2 emissions 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030 and to zero emissions by 2050.
  2. Grounding all efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and all climate policy in principles of equity and of racial, environmental and climate justice supported by:
    • The development and refinement of intersectional climate solutions such as those proposed in the Build Back Better plan, the Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA) , the Green New Deal and the THRIVE Agenda. (See an explanation of VECA/GND/THRIVE).
    • Efforts to ensure environmental/climate justice for low-income, indigenous, minority, immigrant, and frontline communities. They are least responsible for, and most vulnerable to the impacts of air, ground and water pollution caused by extracting and burning fossil fuels and to environmental and severe weather events caused by climate change.
    • Efforts to ensure a just transition to an economy free of greenhouse gasses by supporting solutions that protect all  those most affected as well as displaced fossil fuel industry workers and their communities.
  3. Identifying and collaborating with allies in the global effort to end the Climate Crisis 
    • With special attention to groups that serve elders, youth, and justice communities, and elevating and amplifying their messages and actions. Taking advantage of every opportunity to support youth, collaborate with them, and develop intergenerational efforts.

We Advocate for:

  • The development and implementation of fossil free energy, transportation, and building solutions
  • The swift reduction of emissions of methane and other short lived climate pollutants.
  • An end to the extraction of fossil fuels
  • The implementation of climate-friendly land use policies that reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration through natural processes
  • The protection and restoration of biodiversity
  • Promote lifestyle changes that reduce carbon emissions

Download the full ECA priority list and see examples of how ECA is taking action here.

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