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As Elders Climate Action members, we will take action, collectively and individually, to champion policies that will bring the Climate Crisis to an end.  We will use our influence to promote the immediate and comprehensive changes necessary to limit the harm to future generations from the consequences of climate change. We will exercise our power, in collaboration with our climate allies, to put pressure on federal, state and local governments, private institutions and businesses to enact just, equitable and effective policies, at scale, to stop greenhouse gas emissions, transform the economy, and build a sustainable future. We will focus our efforts on ending carbon extraction and emissions and building a green economy while overcoming the systemic injustices wrought by the fossil fuel economy.   

We Are Committed to…

All efforts to exceed the Paris COP 21 Climate Agreement targets including all recommendations in the IPCC 1.5 and National Climate Assessment reports — to reduce current levels of CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and by 100% by 2050 (consistent with the IPCC 1.5 report)

The restoration of scientific integrity to all federal agencies assessing the impacts of manmade climate change and predicting the economic, health, environmental and other benefits that will flow from the actions needed to end the emission of greenhouse gases.

The development and refinement of intersectional climate solutions such as the Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA) and the implementation of the Green New Deal and the THRIVE Agenda.  See an explanation of VECA/GND/THRIVE here.

Environmental/climate justice for low-income, indigenous, minority, immigrant, and frontline communities who are least responsible for, and most vulnerable to, the impacts of air, ground and water pollution as a result of extracting and/or burning fossil fuels, and potential climate-related events. Learn more here

A Just Transition with solutions that protect those most affected as well as displaced fossil fuel industry workers and their communities.

Supporting the development of all forms of clean energy, including new and emerging technologies, based on each technology’s environmental and economic benefit and its potential to contribute to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Oppose further extraction of fossil fuels from the ground by supporting policies to:

      • Ban offshore drilling for fossil fuels.
      • Phase out hydraulic fracturing as a method of mining fossil fuels.
      • End government subsidies of fossil fuels.
      • Oppose the use in fossil fuel cases of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), which has been increasingly used by corporations to bully governments to protect their profit rates.
      • Oppose construction of additional pipelines carrying fossil fuels through the U.S.
      • Remove special interest money from US political campaigns as it pertains to fossil fuels.

Protecting, maintaining and strengthening the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Climate-friendly land use policies and carbon sequestration through natural biologic processes.

The elimination of emissions from natural gas operations.

Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and livestock. 

Promoting climate friendly diets.    

Divestment from fossil fuel/coal stocks by portfolios held by private institutions and pension funds, divestment from banks, financial institutions and insurance companies that support fossil fuel or coal extraction, and investment in clean, zero emissions projects. 

Putting a price on carbon, but only as a supplement to the policies listed above.

Identifying and collaborating with allies in the global effort to end the Climate Crisis including, in particular, youth climate organizations and ECA chapters, and elevating and amplifying their messages and actions.

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