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Did you know AARP agrees “all levels of government should work to prevent and limit the effects of climate change”? That’s right. But have you seen or heard anything from AARP about climate change and its impact on its members, us elders? Nope. Nothing.
Think of what it would mean if AARP magazine – with the largest circulation in the country – included information on the impact of climate change on its members, their families, and our future? Think of AARP’s ability – with 38 million voting members – to get the word out on the climate emergency so our fellow elders can take action to protect their own and their loved ones’ health and future.
Whether AARP steps up on climate change depends on how important the issue is to AARP’s members. ECA has joined other organizations to help put AARP on notice that its members care about climate change. So, if you are an AARP member, please click on the button below and sign the petition asking AARP’s leadership to inform its members about the threats they face in the climate crisis and to lead them in taking action. And then please forward the link to your friends, family and other elders so their voices are heard.



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