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Our chapters are comprised of ECA members who have decided to take action on climate issues within their community, state, or region as well as on the national level. Whether alone or in collaboration with ECA partners and other like-minded organizations, chapters participate in local events, rallies, town halls, candidate forums, meetings with elected officials, and more.  If you are interested in joining one of our ECA Chapters check our Chapter Directory below.

If There Isn’t a Chapter Near Me, Can I Form One?

New chapters often start with a few dedicated individuals who realize they care about protecting future generations from impending climate chaos. By networking with friends and family and reaching out into the community, that small team can grow to a substantial group of engaged elders. Chapters often grow their membership by taking on local or state climate-related issues, whether supporting renewable energy or green building initiatives, opposing the expansion of fossil fuels, or other programs that help turn back the dial on climate change.

ECA’s Council of Chapters, is a space where chapter leaders and those interested in forming new chapters meet monthly by Zoom meeting.  Chapter leaders use this meeting to hear from other elders working on climate around the country, get ideas for successful chapter actions, discuss challenges and hear from others that have addressed similar challenges, and get inspired by other ECA members

If you are interested in forming an Elders Climate Action chapter click the button below.

Chapter Application & Handbook

Other Ways to be Part of ECA

Join the ECA Local Action Team

The Elders Climate Action Local Action Team is an ECA initiative that assists, connects and supports elders who wish to take practical local action to address climate change. The Team provides resources, tech support, networking opportunities, and mentoring to help activists who are organizing in their communities.

The ECA Local Action Team is working to mobilize elders to work in their communities, in collaboration with other activists to compel local municipalities to adopt an emergency response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis. ECA Local Action Team monthly meetings were created to help provide elders activists with support, tools, resources and ideas about how take action in your community, including pushing for a Climate Emergency Declaration in your area.

Please click here to sign up to join the ECA Local Action Teams

Please contact for questions or more information on the Local Action Team.

Even if you are not a member of a formal ECA chapter, you can be an active impactful member of ECA’s team. For instance, you may be interested in hosting a climate change conversation at your home, community center, church or other location. Or perhaps you want to form a book club where you can engage with others over books addressing anything from the science of climate change to its impacts to how to talk to skeptics about climate change. Some of you may want to pull together friends and family to press your city council or county government to adopt a specific resolution on clean energy or organize and publicize a local event for Earth Day. There are lots of possibilities! Explore some of those possibilities along with resources that can help you move forward on the Take Action section of our Website.

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