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Our Children's Trust, the U.S.District Court in Oregon has ruled that the constitutional climate case initiated by 21 youth can go to trial. These young people are an 

inspiration to us all, their willingness to stand up and their perseverance to engage in legal action for their constitutional right to live in a climate capable of sustaining human life. Read more about these brave and committed young people at Victory for America's Youth - Constitutional Climate Lawsuit against U.S. to Proceed and visit their website at



Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Disappear Completely In A Few Years, According To NASA

An Antarctic ice shelf roughly half the size of Rhode Island will disintegrate completely within the next few years, according to a NASA study released Thursday. 

In 2002, two-thirds of the Larsen B Ice Shelf — which had been intact for more than 10,000 years — broke up in less than six weeks. The remaining portion of the ice shelf covers about 625 square miles along the Antarctic Peninsula, extending toward the southern tip of South America.  Read more.


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