Climate Action Call Script


Hello, My name is {Insert your name} I live in {town/state/zip code}. I am a climate activist.

This pandemic has shown that massive mobilization against grave threats is possible and, when we have stopped Covid-19, we will be ready to stop the destruction of our planet.   Now is the time to ensure climate action is addressed as we recover and move forward beyond Covid-19. 

I urge you to use this time to think about what we are facing if the Earth continues to warm:  shortages of food and drinking water, mass extinctions of plant and animal life, and millions driven from their homes by rising sea levels, drought, famine and fire.  To re-think what must be done about this.

As your constituent, I want leadership, courage and action.  I urge you to begin working now to revive our economy by making it a green recovery, with zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Find who is running for office in your area at

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Keep track of legislation and how your Members of Congress have voted at — We love this tool!  Set up your account to receive updates on issues that are important to you.

ECA Congressional Meeting Sample

Local Questions to Ask — From the National Resource Defense Council

Top Concerns Members of Congress Have About Carbon Fee & Dividend and Best Responses –provided by Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Writing Your Member of Congress — From American Association of Law Libraries

Want to send a letter to your Members of Congress?  Use the easy to send ECA letter templates and add your own message — we’ll deliver it to their email inbox for you.

Have you heard of Resistbot?  It’s a great tool to keep in touch with your Members of Congress via a simple to use text message from your Smart Phone.  Text RESIST to 50409 to get started.  You can text at any time, about any topic that is important to you.  Resistbot will format you text into a letter format, including a signature (you will set up) and will send it via FAX to your representatives.  You will receive confirmation of the fax.  Occasionally, Resistbot may ask to send your message as a letter to the editor of your local newspaper as well,  or select it for personal delivery by a representative of Resistbot.


Why isn’t the Message Getting Through?  Yale Project on Climate Change Communications

An excerpt from Bill Moyers great interview with Anthony Leiserowitz, PhD. Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Here is the full-length interview:

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