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2021 Newsletters

January 2021, “It’s a New Year and Time for Action!”


2020 Newsletters

December 2020. Nature is Talking….Are We Listening?

November 2020, Reducing Waste and Giving Thanks While We Await the Results...

October 2020, Our Dollars Have Power Too


August 2020, Make Good Trouble” for Climate Action

July 2020 “Seeking a Just Transition and Livable Planet for All”

June 2020 “Turning Concern into Alarm, Alarm into Action

May 2020, “Hope is a verb with its shirtsleeves rolled up”

April 2020, Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected

March 2020. Elders Spring Into Climate Action

February 2020, We ❤️ Climate Action

January 2020, It’s A New Year for Climate Action



2019 Newsletters

December 2019, Tis’ the Season to Celebrate Climate Action

November 2019, Giving Thanks for Climate Momentum

October 2019, We Can’t Stop Here! Climate Action is Critical

September 2019, It’s a Big Month for Climate Action

August 2019, The Youth Are Counting on Us!

July 2019, Be Part of the Solution, Amplify the Action

June 2019, Building Bridges for Climate Action.

May 2019, Celebrate Older Americans Month with Climate Action!

April 2019, Let’s ensure our grandkids can celebrate many more Earth Days!

March 2019, We’re Focused on Collaborations to Amplify Climate Action

February 2019, We’re Inspired by the Kids Fighting for Their Future

January 2019, Gearing Up for Action in 2019 



2018 Newsletters

December 2018, Celebrating Elder Action in 2018

November 2018, We’re Broken Hearted and Voting

October 2018, We’ve All Been Busy

September 2018, Let’s Protect Our Grandchildren

August 2018, Day of Climate Action is Coming!

July 2018, Climate Action, the Time is Now!

June 2018, Persist: Our Climate Future Matters

May 2018, Happy Mother’s Day to the Greatest Mother of All, Earth. 

April 2018, Help Us Celebrate Earth Day!

March 2018, Spring Into Action with ECA

February 2018, We’re Celebrating our Love of a Healthy Planet!

January 2018, Keeping the Focus on Climate

2017 Newsletters

December 2017, With Gratitude

November 2017, Our Health

October 2017, It Takes A Village

September 2017, Climate Change is Happening

August 2017, 10 Ways to Take Action

July 2017, Guiding Principles

June 2017, Paris Climate Goals

May 2017, Elders Climate Action Went to Washington

April 2017,  Join Us in D.C.

March 2017, Elders Must Stand Up & Speak Out

February 2017

vol. 1 Mark Your Calendar

vol. 2 Climate Crisis in D.C.

January 2017

vol. 1 Meet the Challenge of 2017

vol. 2. Don’t Let Scott Pruitt Kill the Clean Power Plan

2016 Newsletters

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

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2015 Newsletters

December 2015

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