Climate Online Interactive Tools

There are some great interactive tools online that can help us learn about and understand the science of climate change.  We pulled some of these tools together here to save you from endless searching online.

The impacts of climate change at 1.5C, 2C and beyond

Carbon Brief has extracted data from around 70 peer-reviewed climate studies to show how global warming is projected to affect the world and its regions.

Scroll down the infographic to see how these impacts vary at different temperature levels, across a range of key metrics. Click on the icons below to skip to specific categories and regions.

How the Weather Channel’s Immersive Visualizations Make Climate Change Visceral

These immersive visualizations help us understand how fast a wildfire moves or the scale storm surge during a hurricane through 3D video segments.

NASA Global Climate Change Quizzes


Test your knowledge of climate change with the NASA Global Climate Change Quizzes.  There are a variety of quizzes to try, exploring the causes, factors and impacts of climate change.

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