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Climate actions for times of shelter in place.

Your health and safety during the COVID -19 outbreak is most important to the ECA community. Please do what is needed to take care of yourself and your community during this time. We understand that some members may need to step back from climate action during this time, while others may have more attention to give. Please do what you can, as you can.

All suggestions are intended to be done from home in order to keep ourselves and our communities safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Our VOICE — Engage, Interact, Build Community

We are calling on YOU to help amplify the Elder voice as we join (virtually) with the youth and many other climate organizations across the globe. 

  • From April 22 to 24, young people and adults will come together for a three-day live stream event focused on climate action. Earth Day Live is a 72-hour live stream and online mobilization that aims to engage people across the country and the world in collective action to protect their climate and communities. The live stream will include training sessions, performances, and appearances to keep people engaged, informed, and inspired, with speakers including celebrities, politicians, scientists, and youth activists. 

Learn more about Earth Day Live earthdaylive2020.org

Watch the recordings at YouTube – Future Coalition

  • Sign up and participate in Elders Promote the Vote— help mobilize others to become consistent voters  — (Our Earth Day – 72 hour goal is 100,000 texts!) Participate in the Elders Promote the Vote voter text or phone bank today!
  • Reach out to youth climate organizations in your community and offer your support and mentoring. See our list of Partners.

OUR DOLLARS — Change, Adapt, Inspire

We demand that banks, asset managers, insurance companies and institutional investors stop funding, insuring and investing in climate destruction. They need to stop funding fossil fuels and deforestation and start respecting human rights and Indigenous sovereignty.


  • Write a letter to your bank or credit card company and urge them to stop funding fossil fuels — see a sample here.
  • Send a letter to JP Morgan Chase JPMorgan Chase is the world’s worst banker of climate change—by a wide margin. It is profiting off climate chaos and human rights abuses by providing $196 ​billion​ in finance for fossil fuels. This means Chase is the world’s worst banker of Arctic oil and gas, ultra-deepwater oil and gas, and the worst U.S. banker of tar sands. This must stop.

OUR VOTE — Communicate, Share, Be Heard.

We are calling on our federal, state and local leadership to declare a climate emergency and work to meet the goal of 100% clean energy across all sectors by 2050.

  • Check your voter registration — Sign up for VOTE BY MAIL Learn more
  • Participate in the Elders Promote the Vote voter text or phone bank and help mobilize others to become consistent voters 
  • Find ways to mobilize, engage and register Voters including online voter registration drives.
  • Take & Share a Climate Sign Photo— The Climate Sign is an image and a hand sign similar to the peace sign that you can use to unite for climate action. A coalition of organizations and individuals have supported the use of the Climate Sign around the world. Raise the hand sign or take a picture with the C symbol (see photo), then post on social media for maximum effect!
Former Vice President, Al Gore
    • Email your photo to info@eldersclimateaction.org 
    • Share it on social media 
      • Tag us @eldersclimateaction 
      • Use hashtags:  #EldersTakeAction #ClimateStrike #StrikeWithUs #EarthDay50 #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateSign #EarthDay2020 #EarthDayClimateSign
  • Call your elected officials, use our Earth Day – 72 hours of action call script.  
  • Ask your place of worship include a call to climate action in your services or congregational messages. Learn more about Religious Statements on Climate Change from our friends at Interfaith Power & Light
  • Reach out and connect — Call, write or email someone you have not seen in a while and let them know what you are doing to help solve the climate crisis and ask if you can help them take action


OUR ACTIONS – Advocate, Model, Motivate

Although our individual actions may not achieve the drastic reduction of greenhouse gasses needed to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change, simple changes in our behavior are powerful and can impact consumer demand and promote a cleaner and greener future.

  • Set an intention for ways you will continue to take action, both personally and in the world, complete the ECA ipledge and post a picture on social media be sure to tag us at @eldersclimate #eldersclimateaction #elderstakeaction


  • Make personal changes to lower your carbon footprint. —
  • Host a virtual letter writing party to contact corporations (across any sector), urging 100% Clean Energy by 2050 — Write your letter and share it with friends on social media or via email and ask them to send a similar letter.  See ECA Letter Template 


Report back to ECA about what you’ve done for Climate Action

Fill out the ECA Member Action Report and tell us how you took action! 







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