Give Podcast – featuring Geri Freedman

Listen to Geri Freedman, ECA Co-Chair on the Give Podcast.  She discusses the history and actions of ECA and why elders are getting engaged in climate action.

Today we bring you Geri Freedman of Elders Climate Action, a national movement that aims to get the elderly inspired and involved in taking climate action. Founded by a retired rocket scientist who wanted a better future for the younger generations, Elders Climate Action debunks the myth that retirement is a time for standing still.

Elders Climate Action is made up of elders from around the country who have a passion for the future and want to give back.Elders have time, resources, and wisdom and no matter where they’re at, they can take action.Geri tells us the story of a member who sent over 100,000 text messages to get out the vote – right from her home and a woman living in an assisted living facility who attends their virtual calls weekly.

Passion is what drives the members of this non-profit.They seek to empower with information and maintain a website full of information and resources for those that want to be involved.

How can you help?

  • Donate or create a fundraiser
  • If you don’t have a chapter near you, participate virtually through calls and events
  • Encourage anyone and everyone to vote
  • Follow on social channels (links below)

Finally, don’t forget to share this episode.Sharing this episode will help Elders Climate Action increase its impact and will help us at the GIVE Podcast keep spreading the word about important charities and nonprofits.

Be inspired.GIVE.


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