Florida Chapter


The ECA Florida Chapter provides an opportunity for wise, engaged Florida Elders to have a forum for Climate Conversation in a context of active hope yet profound concern so that we can discuss issues, ideas and action plans that can lead to a more sustainable future.  Because we are a large state, we will meet via Zoom once per month (day and time tbd.) We also plan to have opportunities to meet in person at events, rallies, or marches. 

Our priorities include increasing awareness and educating ourselves and others on the climate issues facing our state and our world, devising realistic action plans to impact climate challenges, becoming knowledgeable about legislative climate initiatives, getting involved with the Promote the Vote Campaign, working with other climate organizations especially youth organizations, and welcoming/supporting their ideas as well as those ideas of all participating members.

Sue Blythe and Maxine Lobel have committed to being the new Chapter Leaders.  Both have been involved with Social/Political/Climate action and organizations for decades.  Members of ECA National and other climate concerned individuals living in Florida should email them and spread the word to encourage others to join in this most serious and important undertaking of creating a sustainable and peaceful future for all life on our exquisitely beautiful and sacred Earth.


Florida Leadership Team

Sue Blythe        sueb@eldersclimateaction.org

Maxine Lobel   maxinel@eldersclimateaction.org  

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