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A new ECA Chapter is currently forming in Southern California  Please complete the chapter Join form below to receive more information from the SoCal Chapter.


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Elders Climate Action welcomes you to join our southern California chapter.  Membership is free.  Just click on the above link to sign up, and you will get connected to people who are working to make a positive difference in this region.  We look forward to your input.  The issue is urgent.  The time to act is now for the benefit of ourselves, our communities, and future generations.  

By joining us, you will engage with ECA members throughout southern California to address the crisis of global warming by taking positive action in a variety of ways. While the challenges ahead are formidable, we believe that through coordinated actions we can achieve progress at the individual, community, state, and national levels. Our goal is to connect perspectives and interests of each member with others in order to optimize everyone’s actions.   

One way to engage is through our monthly Zoom meetings, which are designed to help members implement actions in our homes, our businesses, and our communities.  During these calls, we discuss issues, ideas and plans that can lead to a more sustainable world.  We also have special committees and informal groups that have been formed to increase awareness and encourage actions by statewide legislators, local jurisdictions, businesses, interfaith communities, youth, celebrities, and others.  If any of these activities interest you, please sign up!

If you are interested in particular environmental issues related to your community, we want to hear from you so we can help you meet the challenges you face.  If you have particular experience in coming up with solutions or are involved in climate initiatives being undertaken by other organizations, we also want to hear from you.

Please see our posts and contact us on Instagram , Facebook, and YouTube.

We hope that you can join our chapter to engage with others who are helping to create a sustainable and peaceful future for all life on our beautiful Earth.  We are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas.  We welcome your support and involvement for the grandchildren, future generations and all life. Even if you don’t live in California, you are welcome to join us to learn about climate-related trends and success stories that can help you promote solutions in your area


Chapter leaders:

Richard Burke

Dennis Higgins



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