Voices of Elders – Florence, OR Climate Strike

Elders Start a Climate Emergency Campaign

The Florence Climate Emergency Campaign was formed in September 2019 to raise awareness of the climate emergency andgenerate a resolution by the Florence City Council to address the climate crisis.A second purpose is to promote a climate curriculum in the Siuslaw public schools.
Email posts and a group Facebook page are available to share and respond to articles that highlight the climate crisis. Conversations and comments that help the campaign organize and act to realize its goals are encouraged. The campaign has partnered with local and national climate organizations including ECA.
In addition, Climate Strikes are conducted every Friday at City Hall on the Coastal Hwy 101 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm. For more information contact – Michael Allen, Florence Climate Emergency Campaign, Founder and Coordinator, mikepatallen@earthlink.net

Learn more about ECA Local Action Teams or contact the Project Coordinator, David Freedman davidf@eldersclimateaction.org

Update from Mike and Pat Allen – Florence Climate Emergency Campaign

The 27th Friday Climate Strike was conducted on March 20, 2020, 2:30 – 3:30 pm, by the Climate Emergency Campaign at Florence City Hall.

This was the twelfth Climate Strike for 2020 and still no response from the Florence City Government.

The weather was sunny, in the 50’s, with a stiff wind.

At City Hall Pat and I kept our distance from pedestrians who passed us on the sidewalk. The wind persisted keeping the flags stiffly flying and making it hard to hold our signs. As we head into the spring months we will experience more wind at future climate strikes. The landscape crews finished planting trees and plants in front of City hall leaving only a small amount of sidewalk to be completed. Fewer cars were coming and going into the City hall parking lot because the city closed its offices for conducting business with the public. Next Monday evening the City Council will have a special meeting with limited public access to implement ways to address the coronavirus crisis.

While making the circuit around City Hall we met two supporters who thanked us for our persistence. They had returned early from wintering in their RV in southern California because of the widespread coronavirus. Now that they are back they will join us at a future climate strike barring no shelter-in-place order. At the rear of City Hall we found the city’s electric hybrid plugged into the new charging station.

Later we headed to the corner of Hwy 101 and Hwy 126 where I continued the Climate Strike. The Ninth Street corner is still not completed but the signals for crossing Hwy 101 are operational. As I was loading my signs into the car I heard someone yell “Take your signs and shove ‘um.” He argued there was no sea rise and he should know being an old navy veteran. At City Hall a young motorist yelled “There is no climate crisis.” We certainly have to work harder to educate the public about the true facts of climate change. Still, we got a lot of positive honks and thumbs-up which is encouraging.

On the way to Hwy 101 our orange Climate Crisis sign named “Climo” made an appearance at the entrance to the Siuslaw Valley Fire/Rescue Station 2 which is right behind City Hall. At the rear of the station there is a Fujitsu ductless heat pump mounted on the wall. Thanks to the Fire Department for using an efficient system for heating and one that helps save costs.

We will continue the Friday Strikes until we get a positive response from the City Council.

Join us at future Friday Climate Strikes at the same time and place. Stay engaged. Treat the climate crisis like a pandemic. Think globally, act locally.

We will employ the six foot separation rule to minimize exposure to the coronavirus. If Oregon or the city calls for a stay at home mandate we will cancel in place strikes and resort to virtual climate strikes.

In the meantime, we encourage you to contact Council members individually by email to keep up the pressure.

To be more engaged please join our group Facebook page titled Florence Climate Emergency Campaign. https://www.facebook.com/groups/449146422681041/



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