Youth Climate Strike Coalition — Earth Day Live 2020

Strike, divest, and vote to save humanity and our planet.

From April 22 to 24, young people and adults came together for a three-day live stream event focused on climate action.  MORE THAN 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED from home during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For many months youth activists have been planning three days of Earth Day Activities in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The plan originally included three days of marches, rallies and protests with the potential for millions of people in the streets all over the US (and beyond). As the event drew closer, so did the reality of the COVID 19 pandemic and all the planning for the physical strikes became obsolete. This did not deter the Future Coalition, an organization of youth climate activists, rather, they quickly pivoted, asking for input from all coalition partners and within weeks, Earth Day Live, a 3 day live streaming event, was born.

From the start the coalition committed to promoting Indigenous leadership and being inclusive of every part of our society in the process and programming. From panel discussions, to musical performances, inspirational presentations, meditation, and yoga, hundreds of speakers took to the virtual stage and streamed in OVER FOUR MILLION HOMES during the three day event. The inspiring format included three streaming channels (national, local, and special theme) and a specific focus for the day including a day focused on mobilizing the people, a day focused on stopping the money pipeline to the fossil fuel industry, and a day of political action and voter engagement.  The Youth Climate Movement created something in 4 weeks that no adult group would have even dared to attempt. I am humbled and in awe of these youth activists and proud to know them and for ECA to be in partnership with them. We are the elders trying to save the planet for the next generations, let us take a lesson from them about persistence, cooperation and tireless work. I know that with youth climate activists taking action that there is hope for the planet. They give me hope!

Did you miss Earth Day Live? Watch the videos below or catch up at Future Coalition on Youtube
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