ECA Members in Action – Nadine Young

ECA member Nadine Young from PA was recently interviewed on the podcast Anti-Apathy Aunt: What can older people do to combat climate change?

What can older people do to combat climate change? Host Deborah Doane takes on a listener’s challenge and speaks to two guests; Nadine Young, activist in Elders Climate Action and Andrew Simms author, campaigner and associate at the New Weather Institute. Listen now.



ECA Members in Action – ECA in the Beacon

The Beacon: “Elders take action on climate”

Check out ECA members on the cover of the September 2023 issue of the Beacon Newspaper in Washington DC. The Beacon shares the story of Leslie Wharton, Frances Stewart and Gloria Mog, longtime ECA members and chapter leaders in the DMV area.  And discusses the importance of Elder involvement in the climate crisis.


ECA Members in Action – Mike & Pat in Florence, Oregon

Florence, Oregon couple calls for city to do more to take a stand against climate

By Adam Duvernay, Photos by Dana Sparks, Register-Guard, April 22, 2021

For the last 83 weeks in a row, Michael Allen and his allies have rallied together to call for the City of Florence to do more and say more concerning the world’s changing climate.

For Allen, at 80 years old, the future of the planet and its inhabitants is still very much on his mind.

“What do we want to leave our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren? We probably helped create the mess in some ways,” Allen said. “We have to do this for our progeny and everyone else. I recognize it is a serious threat to our planet, as well.”  Link to complete article and more photos  


Also, Listen to Mike Allen’s climate interview, which aired on KXCR in April 2021.  



ECA Members in Action – NorCal Chapter

Shirley McGrath, founder of Elders Climate Action’s NorCal chapter, marches at the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 12, 2018. ELDERS CLIMATE ACTION

Extreme weather hurts older Californians. That’s started a wave of climate activism

The Sacramento Bee, BY ZACHARY FLETCHER SPECIAL TO THE BEE, JULY 24, 2021 05:00 AM,

Excerpt from the article

Read the full article here



ECA Members in Action – Margo, California


Listen to ECA’s leader Margo Frank’s celebration of Earth Day on station KZYX, Ecology Hour.  


April 20, 2021–This week on The Ecology Hour, two local members of Elders Climate Action, Margo Frank and Steve Zuieback have a conversation about simple things you can do to lower your carbon footprint and make an impact on climate change. They share some individual and community actions you can join at the local, state and national level and they’ll inspire you with hopeful and positive changes that are taking place around the country and the world. Their conversation is followed by questions and comments from the community fielded by Margo Frank.

Margo with her climate change hat a few years back.


Did You See ECA mentioned in the New York Times?

New York Times Article 

By Nov. 3, 2019

Excerpt from the Article.

After finishing an interview with NPR, Fonda, wearing her red coat and a tilted olive fedora, flitted among them like a mother bird, delivering greetings and long hugs. Then they marched toward the Capitol, Fonda leading the way, camera crews and other journalists hustling to keep up.

A stage with a Fire Drill Fridays backdrop was set up on the lawn, and among the hundreds gathered were alumni from Fonda’s high school, the Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y.; members of Elders Climate Action, and someone dressed in a plush polar bear costume. Fonda greeted them all, and invited up speakers; among them Keener, Arquette (“Every human life depends on honoring our planet”) and Ensler, who recited a poem about the Earth that left listeners misty-eyed. Then it was off to the Senate building, where, shortly before her arrest, Fonda was asked if her civil disobedience was having its intended effect.

Read the full article here



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