Youth Climate Strike Coalition — Earth Day Live 2020

Strike, divest, and vote to save humanity and our planet.

From April 22 to 24, young people and adults came together for a three-day live stream event focused on climate action.  MORE THAN 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED from home during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For many months youth activists have been planning three days of Earth Day Activities in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The plan originally included three days of marches, rallies and protests with the potential for millions of people in the streets all over the US (and beyond). As the event drew closer, so did the reality of the COVID 19 pandemic and all the planning for the physical strikes became obsolete. This did not deter the Future Coalition, an organization of youth climate activists, rather, they quickly pivoted, asking for input from all coalition partners and within weeks, Earth Day Live, a 3 day live streaming event, was born.

From the start the coalition committed to promoting Indigenous leadership and being inclusive of every part of our society in the process and programming. From panel discussions, to musical performances, inspirational presentations, meditation, and yoga, hundreds of speakers took to the virtual stage and streamed in OVER FOUR MILLION HOMES during the three day event. The inspiring format included three streaming channels (national, local, and special theme) and a specific focus for the day including a day focused on mobilizing the people, a day focused on stopping the money pipeline to the fossil fuel industry, and a day of political action and voter engagement.  The Youth Climate Movement created something in 4 weeks that no adult group would have even dared to attempt. I am humbled and in awe of these youth activists and proud to know them and for ECA to be in partnership with them. We are the elders trying to save the planet for the next generations, let us take a lesson from them about persistence, cooperation and tireless work. I know that with youth climate activists taking action that there is hope for the planet. They give me hope!

Did you miss Earth Day Live? Watch the videos below or catch up at Future Coalition on Youtube
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Youth Climate Strike Coalition — Earth Day Live 2020

Strike, divest, and vote to save humanity and our planet.

From April 22 to 24, young people and adults will come together for a three-day live stream event focused on climate action.

Earth Day Live is a 72-hour live stream and online mobilization that aims to engage people across the country and the world in collective action to protect their climate and communities.
The live stream will include training sessions, performances, and appearances to keep people engaged, informed, and inspired, with speakers including celebrities, politicians, scientists, and youth activists.
Learn more about Earth Day Live Together, we can transform our world into one that is not only safe and sustainable, but flourishes for generations to come.





From our friends at iMatter

We are so proud of these young folks at iMatter who are taking action on climate change in their communities!  These are the programs and people we want to encourage and support our elders to get involved with!


Jen Chandler

Director of Operations at ECA

Observations of an Elder in Training….

A year and a half ago, I joined Elders Climate Action as the first staff position to help move the organization forward and achieve its critical mission. My choice to join the volunteers at ECA has without a doubt proven to be one of the most fulfilling decisions of my life. Although I am not yet an elder, I consider myself an elder in training; someone with a personal responsibility to learn from previous generations, bridge with younger generations, and bring change for future generations and all life.

Since returning from Elders Climate Action Day in Washington, D.C. I have spent time reflecting on the experience. Beyond the obvious highlights including brilliant and inspiring speakers, a discovered love of the diverse city, and taking to the streets with over 250,000 people at the Climate March.  I was deeply moved and inspired by the passion, commitment, caring, and deep questioning that came from the elders in attendance.  For me, one of the most powerful moments of ECAD was the visit from Our Children’s Trust and FrostPaw, and subsequent impromptu apology from ECA member, Margo Frank. (see Youtube Video below)

What I experienced most in D.C., was multiple generations standing up and taking action for the climate. It was a vibrant illumination of a common value, a common acceptance of responsibility for the damage that has happened, and a common commitment to take action for the future.  Take Climate Action Now, Take Climate Action Often. Protect the Future.


Julie Hantman



Julie Hantman, National Outreach Manager, Mom’s Clean Air Force

The climate movement is picking up steam and its increasing diversity is a big reason why. No longer can any headline say e.g. ‘environmentalists decry roadblocks to climate action.’ That’s because it isn’t just environmentalists speaking up anymore. We’ve got a big and bigger tent. There are scientists of course, there are experts on national security, food security and you-name-it security. There is the faith community, labor, and more.

And generationally there is the youth movement, there are moms and dads – and now elders.

The climate movement needs the unique voices of elders.  Parents of school-age children have the exquisite focus of day to day parenting to bring to bear in our advocacy.  Elders – grandparents or not – have the long view. As I meet more ECA members I see plenty of internal diversity but the common denominator perhaps is the passion that comes from experience and dynamic reflection.  A different flavor! We need you and it’s a pleasure to think and take action together.

NoteJulie adds new meaning to being a partner by spending a day with ECA elders to participate in our next Elders Climate Action event in 2017


Delaney Reynolds

A Young Woman We Can All Be Inspired By

Delaney Reynolds is an amazing young woman who lives in Miami, Florida. At the age 16 of Delaney became very much aware of the danger climate change poses for her, her community and the wider world, and she is not sitting back and waiting for others to take action. Not Delaney.

She is the founder of the Miami Sea Rise, has created an awesome website, and has published three books for elementary and middle school students on climate change and sea level rise. At age 16, those are stupendous accomplishments. But on the issue of climate change, Delaney is unstoppable.

She has created PowerPoint presentations for young people and delivers them to students in schools, not only in her home state but via video conferencing to students in places like India and Vietnam.

Delaney’s work is being noticed.  She recently gave a TED Talk and is also featured in a video alongside scientists, politicians, and authors, Ahead of the Tide, and she was selected as a Youth Leadership Council Member at EarthEcho International, a nonprofit environmental and conservation organization founded by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau.

This young woman has written a letter on behalf of the world’s children asking each of us to do whatever we can to protect them from the threats of global warming and sea level rise. Please read what she has to say and ask yourself: if she can do this, what can I do to help turn back the rising tide of global warming? Visit The Sink or Swim Project,


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