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The Wisdom of the Aged

Self-proclaimed “elders” stand up for the generations that will follow in their footsteps.,  By Laura A. Shepard

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With age comes wisdom. Ask any politician. They listen closely to what older Americans think and say for a simple reason: older people vote.

There’s an even simpler reason why politicians (and all of us) should listen to the elders of our communities: they’ve seen and know a lot. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that a growing number of seniors are taking up a cause that’s the critical challenge of our age: climate change.

While efforts to lower global emissions often send people into partisan corners of the political boxing ring, one group is showing it’s possible to transcend boundaries and unite around this common goal.

“We’re facing a lot of challenges as a country, and as a world, and I had this sense that older folks could be making more of a contribution,” said Paul Severance, a founder of Elders Climate Action.  Read the full Article Here





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