In Conversation with Chef Christopher Galarza – Induction Cooking


What impacts are our kitchen appliances having on the environment and on our health?  Did you know that electric induction cooking is much more energy efficient than top-of-the-line gas range appliances, and does not create harmful carbon monoxide emissions?  That's right, cleaner indoor air and cooler temperatures while you cook! Join us for a special […]

ECA 101 for New Members


Welcome to Elders Climate Action! We are a community of elders who care about preserving our planet for our grandchildren, future generations and all life. As a new member we would like to invite you to an ECA 101 call where you can hear more about who we are, what ECA has been doing, our plans for […]

In Conversation with Authors Madeline Ostrander and Bill McKibben


  How do we find our way home in a time of unprecedented upheaval and climate disruption? How can older Americans help create a safer world for themselves, their families, and generations to come? The answer, according two leading climate authors, may lie in rebuilding our connections to community and re-examining both history and identity […]

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