Letters to Businesses and Corporations

Send a letter and demand that businesses consider the climate impacts of their operations and find ways to lessen their greenhouse gas emissions. Please customize and personalize this letter to the business you are mailing to. Cut and Paste into a new document and fill in the underlined sections.  Print and mail or Email your letters.

Dear {Business Owner}

For a number of decades we have known that climate change is a real threat based on the scientific evidence and growing consensus of over 97% of climate scientists. Yet, nothing significant has been accomplished by our federal government to take action on climate change. In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C, a dire warning of the rapidly approaching dangers of climate change.

The IPCC report illuminates what we can see happening for ourselves: increasing natural disasters and devastating storms, deepening agricultural impacts, growing health consequences and heavy economic impacts all due to our greenhouse gas emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. However, this time, the report suggests a much closer timeline than ever before. We must make significant changes to substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade. The consequences could be dire if we don’t act immediately.

We are witnessing an ongoing water crises and droughts, loss of forests due to disease and wildfires, hurricanes, floods, sea level rise, decreasing air and water quality  as well as overall warmer temperatures — all of which are consequences of our changing climate. With the projected 2 degree rise in temperature, these impacts will grow exponentially as will their effects on our lives.

Many of us wonder, “What will the future be for our children and grandchildren if we don’t do anything?”  Our government struggles to admit the reality of climate change, let alone, do anything about it.  Our grandchildren, future generations and all life are depending on the choices we make now. As an elder, I am writing to ask {Business Name} to take action immediately before the consequences of climate change become such that life here in the US will be uninhabitable in some areas. Please consider the environmental and climate impacts of your organization and find ways to lessen greenhouse gases created as a byproduct of your business. I also encourage {Business Name} to use your reputation and status to advocate for 100% clean energy by 2050 for our climate safety.

For your grandchildren and future generations,

(YOUR NAME, City and State)

(What Climate Action organizations are you affiliated with i.e. Elders Climate Action Member, Climate Reality Leader, Citizens Climate Lobby Member)


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