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In support of Stop the Money Pipeline — We demand that banks, asset managers, insurance companies and institutional investors stop funding, insuring and investing in climate destruction. They need to stop funding fossil fuels and deforestation and start respecting human rights and Indigenous sovereignty.  Send a letter today!

  • Write a letter to your bank or credit card company and urge them to stop funding fossil fuels — see a sample here.
  • Send a letter to JP Morgan Chase JPMorgan Chase is the world’s worst banker of climate change—by a wide margin. It is profiting off climate chaos and human rights abuses by providing $196 ​billion​ in finance for fossil fuels. This means Chase is the world’s worst banker of Arctic oil and gas, ultra-deepwater oil and gas, and the worst U.S. banker of tar sands. This must stop.  



Jamie Dimon, Chase Bank 270 Park Ave New York, NY 10172

Dear Mr. Jamie Dimon:

You are certainly aware that 350.org’s founder, Bill McKibben, has called JPMorgan Chasethe Doomsday Bank,”  and that climate activists around the world have presented themselves for arrest at your banks because of their soul-crushing fear that the fossil fuel industry is setting their future on fire.

The 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warns of the impacts of continued fossil fuel emissions, including:

  • Falling yields for essential staple crops
  • Drinking water shortages
  • Extreme heat threatening one-third of the global population
  • Loss of marine fisheries
  •  Millions driven from their homes by rising sea levels, drought, famine, fire, war

And JPMorgan’s in-house economists, David Mackie and Jessica Murray, warned the bank’s clients in January 2019 that the climate crisis will impact the world economy, human health, water stress, migration and the survival of many species; in fact it says  we cannot rule out catastrophic outcomes where human life as we know it is threatened.”

Yes, JPMorgan Chase has announced a pull-back from funding Arctic drilling and coal mining.  Yet it has persisted in funding the construction of new infrastructure that will require the expansion of fossil fuel use, including pipeline loans totaling $196 Billion in the last three years for projects like TransCanada’s Keystone XL, Enbridge’s Line 3 Tar Sands, TC Energy’s Coastal Gas-Link, and Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain.  These projects demonstrate an indifference to human life or, more accurately, to all life on the planet. 

Mr. Dimon, I know that you aren’t personally responsible for the indifference of capitalism, or the markets, or corporate shareholders,”  but I urge you to consider your own good name, your legacy, and guide your bank to stop financing fossil fuel expansion and begin funding the green economy, the true economy of the future.   

I am a member of Elders Climate Action: we work every day, for our children, our grandchildren and all future generations, to end the climate emergency that threatens all life on our planet.  Our membership today stands at over 12,500 with twelve active regional chapters and more in formation. We work in partnerships with more than 75 other organizations to end the climate crisis.

And we will tell our children and grandchildren the names of the leaders who allowed their house to be set on fire.  Mr. Dimon, please stop the money pipeline today!


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