Transportation and Air Pollution (Local & State)

ECA is collaborating with other organizations in the U.S. Climate Action Network (USCAN) a massive pressure campaign from now through January, demanding that the Biden Administration, Congress, and state and local officials act now to end all U.S. CO2 emissions by 2050.
The campaign begins first with the transportation sector, which contributes 35% of U.S. CO2 emissions, more than any other economic sector; and CO2 emissions are rising quickly. But the solutions are at hand: electric and H-fuel-cell vehicles are mature technologies, commercially available now. We want to ‘zero out’ this sector with requirements that all new vehicles be zero emission vehicles by 2030, and all vehicles be ZEVs by 2050, with subsidies to make them affordable.

Let’s let our elected officials know that we want immediate action to transform the Transportation Sector to Zero Emissions by 2050.

Learn more about the Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA)

There are two ways you can send a message:

1) Send our Quick Action, Sign-on Letter template letter and add your own message.

2) Download or cut and paste this version of the letter, customize the content and mail or email it to your local and state officials.


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