The Climate Emergency and USCAN’s Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA) (Members of Congress)

The climate crisis affects all of us, in almost every aspect of our lives. And the solutions to global warming touch every part of the country and the economy. The Vision for Equitable Climate Action (VECA) is a roadmap for how we can prevent the worst of global warming, in ways that will make communities safer, families more secure, our economy more stable, our environment healthier and more sustainable, and our country more just and equitable.

VECA’s goal: acting equitably and ambitiously, to achieve the GHG reduction targets described by the IPCC for keeping global temperature below 1.5 C: zero emissions by 2050, with half that reduction by 2030. Meeting these targets will exceed the U.S. commitments in the Paris Climate Agreement.

From clean energy to agriculture, from transportation to healthcare, VECA shows that taking on the climate crisis with the urgency and ambition that is needed can be done in ways that benefit us all. This agenda was created over the course of a year, by a diverse team of 176 people from 106 organizations (Including Elders Climate Action), from coast to coast and everywhere in between. Through that, VECA shows that people throughout the country can come together, share their knowledge and experience, and create a broad and comprehensive plan of action.

Let’s let Congress know that we want immediate action to end the Climate Emergency: phasing out greenhouse gas emissions, transforming our economy, and building the just and sustainable world we envision for our children, and all children.

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